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Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build – The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to commercial construction, owners have two different project delivery methods to get things done. With our comprehensive approach, you have the freedom to pick a model that best suits your unique needs!

What Is Design-Bid-Build (DBB)?

If you go for a design-bid-build solution, here is how the whole thing would work with Corporeal Visions:

  • Our design team works closely with your organization to create renderings and blueprints for the planned building project.
  • You take these blueprints and invite bids from other commercial general contractors.
  • You select a general contracting firm that fits your budget from the available bids.
  • The Corporeal Visions design team will provide full support to you and the chosen contractor during the construction phase.

In this model, you rely on us solely for the design phase of the commercial construction project. For the actual process of building, you can pick from available firms in the local construction industry.

What Is Design-Bid-Build (DBB)?

The second option for a commercial construction project management and execution is the design-build model. As the name suggests, this model removes the bidding process for general contractors. Instead, you have the following basic steps:

  • The first step is identical – Corporeal Visions design team creates the blueprints and drawings for the building project and gets your approval.
  • We then share these with our in-house general contractors. They will immediately start work on the construction site.
  • The entire process is coordinated from start to finish by our highly experienced construction project managers.

By removing the often time-consuming process of bidding on the project, the design-build model results in the faster completion of your construction project. If time is of the essence, a design-build delivery model with Corporeal Visions is the best choice for you.

Get the Industry Experts in Commercial Construction on Your Side

Corporeal Visions, Inc. is one of the most respected construction management firms today. We offer innovative design methods and cutting-edge technology to provide you with great work and excellent customer service. We also offer a top-notch team of experienced contractors and construction managers to make sure your project has the highest quality work and materials. Whether you hire us for just the design phase or for managing the entire project, you get the competitive advantage of our years of experience and our strong focus on customer service.

In both delivery models, a construction project manager will be available to coordinate the sharing of information between the different project stakeholders – the CVI design team, the general contractors, and you, the client.

Moreover, you are assured of constant updates from our end, through an always-open online client log. No more endless phone calls to get progress reports on your construction projects. Using the latest construction management software, our online system provides constant access, whenever you want, to keep you in the loop.

To learn more about the Corporeal Visions commercial construction and project management services, give us a call today at 703-909-4193 or reach out to us online.

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