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Whether you’re building a new or remodeling an existing structure or mall, we’ve got you covered. You need a general contractor who knows what it takes to get the job done right. Other construction companies can’t compare to the value you’ll get for your dollar at Corporeal Visions. As a matter of fact, one of the phrases we love using to describe our work is “high-quality construction at a low price.” It doesn’t get much better than that.

We Handle All Levels of Retail Construction

At Corporeal Vision, no construction job is too small or too big. We approach each project with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our team has years of experience handling local retail projects across the spectrum of complexity, including:

Small-Scale Projects

A retail shop or office redesign, tenant improvement for retail outlets, minor structural upgrades, building repairs, and minor extensions all fall under the category of small-scale construction projects. These cost less than other types of retail projects and can be completed in a short period of time.

Medium-Scale Projects

Major remodels of retail stores, shopping centers, and malls are generally considered medium/large scale projects. Significant expansions to existing structures or upscaling projects also fall into the same category.

Large-Scale Projects

Building big box stores, supermarkets, lifestyle centers, or other similar retail buildings from the ground up are considered complex, large-scale projects. They are the most expensive retail projects and can take several months from start to finish.

We Offer Comprehensive Retail Construction Services

With our combination of expert design teams, skilled general contractors, and experienced project management, Corporeal Visions can handle any scale job across all stages of retail construction. Reach out if your retail business needs any of the following projects to be completed on time and within budget:


Do you own an existing retail building that is way past its prime? If it is too old or inadequate for your current needs, complete interior demolition or gutting followed by a new construction project is often the optimal choice. We can handle all aspects of such a buildout project, including demolition, site inspection, design, and reconstruction.


In many instances, your retail structure may still have several decades of service left in it. If that is the case, a remodeling project will save you time and money, and leave less of an ecological impact. We can handle remodeling projects for all types of businesses from small storefronts to large supermarkets and shopping centers. Our team will update your space to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Rebranding/remodeling projects in a retail chain can be a complicated task with a lot of moving parts. If you want a smooth rollout across multiple branches of your business, Corporeal Visions has the experience and resources to manage every aspect of the project, from design to compliance and construction.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely used green building certification in the world. If you want to upgrade the aging fittings, fixtures, and wiring in your retail building to meet modern eco-friendly standards in the retail industry, we can get the job done for you.

ADA Compliance

Retail businesses have to ensure full compliance with the American Disabilities Act across their facilities. We can help remodel or upgrade your retail store to make parking, store entrances, and restrooms more accessible to customers with any kind of physical disability.

Enjoy Cost & Time Savings with a Design-Build Method

Here at Corporeal Visions, we offer our clients a very flexible array of different retail construction services. You can take the traditional route of design-bid-build, or enjoy significant cost and time savings with our design-build approach.

In this approach, we handle all aspects of your retail construction project, from pre-construction to project delivery. By removing the time-consuming bid process, you get a chance to get your brand-new retail location open for business much faster.

Our construction management team is always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste. Every aspect of our projects is closely integrated, from the work of our design team to our general contractors, so we can save you more money without compromising on efficiency, safety, or quality.

We Take Full Responsibility for Your Retail Project

A general construction project is a fairly complex endeavor involving dozens of professionals, multiple suppliers, design teams, compliance experts, construction contractors, sub-contractors, and more. Delays are quite common if there are no clear lines of authority and accountability.

When you work with Corporeal Visions, you get order instead of chaos. We will take on all matters of accountability – we act as your sole point of contact for the entire project.

This has two benefits. For one, it gives us additional motivation to complete your project as per specifications. We are accountable and are fully aware of it. Two, you can have full peace of mind that your project is being managed and any issues will be taken care of without you having to track people down.

You don’t have to worry about juggling various contractors, vendors, and design professionals. We handle the heavy lifting of construction management with great service and open communication, so you can focus on your business instead.

Enjoy Freedom With No Lock-In Contracts

We offer design services for business owners who want to hand over construction to third-party contractors as well. Corporeal Visions will provide designs that are open-ended – there is no obligation for you to give us the contract bid.

You can rely on us in the planning and design stages of the project. We will handle important tasks like site survey, pre-approval design, and compliance. Our professionals will work with your representatives to ensure that all blueprints reflect your organization's values and goals.  Once the design is ready and approved, our team will work closely with your chosen contractor and project manager to ensure the successful completion of the retail construction or remodel work.

If you should need an able construction manager to coordinate everything, we also have certified professionals to help you complete projects.

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