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Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling vs. Renovations – Is There Any Difference?

A commercial remodeling project will make permanent changes to the interior or exterior of a building or structure. It could involve many things, such as:

  • Knocking down walls to create larger rooms or halls.
  • Adding offices to previously open spaces.
  • Adding new features like gardens or patios outside.
  • Transforming the layout and interior structure.

Businesses often hire commercial remodeling contractors when the existing structure is no longer suitable for their goals or production methods.

In contrast, a commercial renovation is used to make an aging space fresh or new again. Instead of making drastic changes, a commercial renovation contractor will do things like:

  • Add new light fixtures and replace outdated electrical systems.
  • Replace/repair worn bricks, sidings, tiles, and shingles.
  • Replace or upgrade the flooring to new/expensive options.
  • Repaint interior or exterior walls with fresh new colors.

Apart from the obvious advantage of improving the appearance of a commercial space for employees and clients alike, a commercial renovation project can also improve the resale value of the property.

Commercial Remodeling Project – Key Steps

While the scale and scope of individual projects can vary drastically, most remodeling projects have the same processes:

Planning and design phase.

Inviting bids from general contractors.

Selecting a bid and signing the contract.

Demolition and reconstruction phase.

Final clean-up and finishing touches.

With Corporeal Visions, you have the option of skipping the bidding process altogether and going straight from design to construction. It saves time, reduces potential lack of coordination, and may also lower the total expenses for the project.

Corporeal Visions offers a comprehensive set of commercial remodeling services, including both planning/design services and the actual construction using an in-house general contractor. If speed is of the essence in your commercial remodeling project, you can rely on us to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.

Risk of Shutting Down During Remodeling / Renovations

When you are making changes to a commercial property that is already in use, there is always the risk of having to shut down your business operations. This is one of the reasons why many organizations only contact commercial renovation contractors when absolutely necessary.

However, with the best commercial construction firms, you will not face too much disruption to your daily business. An efficient general contractor will use one of the following tactics:

  • Working on the project at night or early morning.
  • Working on the project on weekends.
  • Working on the project gradually, only closing one part of the property at a time.

All these steps bring their own set of drawbacks, including a reduction in the speed of the project, risk of accidents involving employees or clients, and disruption/inconvenience caused by sound, dust, and debris.

Taking these things into account, a business owner may want to shut down the property entirely for the duration of the construction phase. They could even shift to a temporary location if the business renovation project is overly complicated.

When to Contact a Commercial Remodeling Contractor

You will encounter plenty of warning signs in your office/commercial space indicating an urgent need for remodeling contractor services. They can include the following:

  • Peeling or dim wall paint, with outdated colors.
  • Worn carpeting and countertops.
  • Broken fixtures and outdated, inefficient lighting.
  • Defects in electrical or plumbing systems.
  • Disorganized or overcrowded spaces.
  • Constant complaints from staff and even clients.

Call Corporeal Visions for Your Commercial Space Remodeling Needs

When you upgrade your commercial property or undertake office remodels with Corporeal Visions, you enjoy the following benefits:

A more productive use of existing commercial spaces.

A contemporary look to your business.

Improved energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

An opportunity to rebrand your organization.

Lower environmental footprint with green building strategies.

Reduced monthly building operational costs.

Give us a call today at 703-909-4193 or contact us online to set up a consultation. We will share industry-leading ideas for your design, take on the pre-construction planning phase, and complete the construction process. Corporeal Visions is here to help with your next project, whether it's a commercial remodel or building renovation.

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