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Site / New Construction Management Services

In the world of commercial real estate development, the construction phase can be the most complicated phase. With so many moving parts and project stakeholders, it’s easy for critical details to get overlooked and budgets to get overstretched.

Corporeal Visions, Inc. is one of the premier building design and construction firms, serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of commercial design and building services, ranging from design to construction management to value-added consulting services.

Our project experience includes building dental clinics and medical facilities, restaurants, retail establishments, supermarkets, corporate offices, fitness centers, and more. We excel at unique and complex building projects, both small and large, from demolition to new construction to renovation. 

Commercial Construction Is Our Specialty

We pride ourselves on having one of the most talented teams in the commercial construction industry, ready to make your building dreams come true. We are a passionate team of architects, interior designers, engineers, construction managers, builders, contractors, and skilled tradespeople that is driven by providing quality, timeless designs and efficient construction management.  

You can expect careful planning, quality craftsmanship, and competitive pricing on all of our projects. Our on-site construction services are backed by a highly-organized team that is focused on exceeding your expectations while adhering to the project's schedule. Whether you’re looking to develop a parcel of land or build a new mall, Corporeal Visions can help.

Some of the services we provide as part of new construction projects from ground-up include:

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to Make Your Building Design More Functional and Cost-Effective

When people think about the construction industry, they usually think of heavy machinery and workers wearing hard hats. But we have come a long way, and innovative technologies are making their way into almost every aspect of construction to improve cost, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.

At Corporeal Visions, we value engineering and are on the cutting edge of how the commercial construction industry works. By using Microsoft’s HoloLens, we are able to show you the design models and blueprints in a fully-interactive 3D environment. This allows you to communicate clearly about your project design, coordinate ideas, and evaluate concepts before any decisions are made.

Instead of simply looking at a 2D blueprint of your new project, you are actually able to walk through a virtual building with AR technology. You can see exactly how the building will look before construction starts, saving weeks of time and thousands of dollars (if not more) in case something turns out to be wrong later on after construction has begun. Our designers can add furniture and other furnishings to the AR model so you can see how the rooms will be laid out – there’s no need for guesswork anymore.

We have integrated HoloLens construction tools into all our projects, allowing you to adjust, comment on, share, and approve your designs before we get started with the actual construction. With professional service from Corporeal Visions, you will be able to make better, more educated decisions and navigate the design phase much more quickly.

We are Client-Focused and Reputation-Driven

What makes Corporeal Visions different from other commercial construction management services is our ability to customize our project delivery methods and other offerings to provide effective management and meet all your needs. No two projects are alike, and each client has specific expectations, concerns, and goals. Our entire team will work closely with your team to make sure our work achieves the desired outcome in construction, design, cost, scheduling, and other critical areas.  

No matter how large or small your construction project is, it is going to be a multifaceted operation that calls for the precise pooling together of diverse resources. With our experience and expertise, we can take on the construction manager's role to oversee the efforts of all parties involved, from inception to completion.

We keep the owner's interest in mind at every step of the construction phase and make sure the finished project surpasses your expectations.

Choose Corporeal Visions for New Commercial Construction Management Services

We know our reputation solely rests on your satisfaction. We will be your agent and partner, managing your project schedule with seamless communication and complete transparency on bids, costs, and decisions. When you hire us for new construction, you get:

Full-Service Construction

Our construction managers are skilled in multiple approaches to deliver a successful project.

A Highly Responsive Team

Our dedicated and competent team is ready to accommodate your scheduling demands, no matter how complex. We keep the lines of communication open.

Competitive Pricing

Our years of experience plus careful planning give you the most cost-effective project pricing.

For more information about our new site construction services, you can contact us by phone at 703-909-4193 or request a quote online.

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