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The food service industry has always been one of the most difficult and competitive industries. Moreover, the profit margins are consistently thin and there are constant issues to resolve, from staffing problems to supply shortages. Restaurant-goers today are highly discerning about the type of establishments they want to visit. To survive and prosper in this unforgiving landscape, you need the best of everything at your restaurant. And that begins with a well-designed and eye-catching restaurant space.

Restaurant Construction Services

We provide both restaurant design and general contractor services with a design-bid-build model. If you would prefer to hire a separate construction firm, we can also focus solely on the pre-construction, planning, and design phase. Our team will work closely with you and create a full set of blueprints for permitting and construction.If you want the new construction done within time and on budget, you can also opt for our design and build option. We have seasoned restaurant contractors on our roster with considerable experience in building everything from fine dining restaurant spaces to casual bistros.Whether you want to build a new structure from the ground up or remodel an existing commercial space into a restaurant, we can help. As a reputed general contractor in North Virginia, we already have a growing list of clients from the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Renovation Services

With high foot traffic and constant exposure to heat and moisture, restaurant spaces can age rapidly. As a restaurant owner, you cannot afford to never think about remodeling and sprucing up the space, especially the interiors. The food is not the only thing that can get stale pretty quickly in the restaurant business!Renovation projects can breathe new life into your aging service space. They can also help bring your entire establishment up to code, particularly the kitchens, washrooms, and fixtures. It is not at all unusual for restaurant owners to have a renovation done every 5 to 7 years.The Corporeal Visions design team can help you reimagine your restaurant layout and create stunning new interiors with contemporary elements to keep your business relevant. Our construction managers help keep things under budget to make the transition as painless as possible.

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