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How To Make Your Waiting Room More Inviting

waiting room design

In doctors’ offices, dental offices, urgent care clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities, patients and caregivers deserve a welcoming environment that makes them feel comfortable, uplifted, and reassured. For any healthcare facility – where medical decisions can Read more

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The Unique Challenges Of Retail Construction

Retail Construction

We have all heard stories of how online retail and e-commerce are changing the shopping world. And yes, it’s true that the ability to have nearly any product ordered and delivered through digital platforms has lowered the need for Read more

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Dental Office Construction: Things To Consider

Dental Office Construction

We all know first impressions are important. Most research suggests that it only takes 7 to 30 seconds for people to form an impression of something. In fact, a very popular study by Princeton psychologists showed that people form Read more

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What To Expect From Commercial Construction Project Management Services

Commercial Construction Project Management Services

The annual estimated value of construction projects in the United States in 2021 was almost $1.6 trillion. Commercial or non-residential construction accounts for more than 60% of the total construction market in the US. While residential, industrial, and Read more

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The Checklist You Need For Restaurant Construction

Restaurant Construction

The restaurant industry is quite challenging, with high overhead costs and thin profit margins. If you are creating a restaurant from the ground up, it is essential to keep costs as low as possible.

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Preparing for a Retail Construction Project

Retail Construction Project

When retail spaces – such as shopping centers, malls, department stores, and standalone retail stores – are designed and built strategically, they can attract a lot of visitors. Poorly constructed retail spaces, on the other hand, can become a Read more

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6 Tips for Planning a Commercial Construction Project

Dynamic businesses and professional organizations with a strong focus on growth and expansion are likely to outgrow their workspace sooner than they might expect. Planning to build larger office space or a new commercial building is part of running Read more

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A Guide to Your First Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction plays a crucial role in maintaining a thriving economy and helping a community grow. By adding new commercial real estate or renovating existing spaces, commercial construction projects create room for enterprises to launch and expand.

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