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Retail Construction Project

Preparing for a Retail Construction Project

When retail spaces – such as shopping centers, malls, department stores, and standalone retail stores – are designed and built strategically, they can attract a lot of visitors. Poorly constructed retail spaces, on the other hand, can become a nightmare for any business. This may include attracting lawsuits, triggering loss of business, and even incurring the wrath of regulators.

Clearly, any business planning to undertake a retail construction project has to perform due diligence to ensure that all aspects of its spaces are safe and well planned. In this post, we will list some tips that will help you prepare for your next retail construction project.

Start with a Realistic Timeline

Retail design and construction projects are complex undertakings with many moving parts – designers, engineers, compliance professionals, management teams, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, construction teams, and more that must all work together. The design approval process alone could take months.

You simply cannot rush into a retail store construction or tenant improvement project expecting it to be done in the span of a few weeks – that would only set you up for disaster. Always plan your project timeline in advance and expect there to be a few setbacks.

Pick the Right Contract Model

For larger, more expensive projects, you have the option of sticking to the traditional design-bid-build model of retail construction services. Although it takes more time, this model gives you the chance to review bids from different contractors and pick one that suits your financial situation the best.

On the other hand, for smaller retail construction projects and renovations where time is of the essence, the design-build model holds a decisive edge. By using the same firm for both design and retail construction services, you can save a ton of time and get a more cohesive, well-planned construction project.

Give Priority to Contractor Experience

Instead of picking a company with the lowest bids, try to focus more on past experience. Contractors who have relevant experience in building retail projects similar to your proposed design can increase the chances of success.

Ask around in your locale for referrals to experienced and dependable contractors who can you can rely on to complete projects on time. For instance, Corporeal Visions has years of experience designing and building dental offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and other commercial projects. Most of our new clients about us from our satisfied customers.

Ask the Right Questions

Particularly in the case of design-build contracts, you need to keep asking a lot of questions throughout the construction. This way, you can ensure that the project is being built according to your vision and not solely on the contractor’s expertise.

Ask high-level questions about available design options, building materials, and other specific architectural features. Find out in advance the fee structure, possible regulatory hurdles, and other complications that may arise once construction is started.

Harness Modern Technologies

Open communication is critical, especially during the design phase. You may have a vision of the perfect space for your retail business, but you have to ensure that the chosen team is fully on board with that idea. Look for firms that leverage modern technology in this process.

Corporeal Visions is leading the line in the industry with our implementation of cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology during the design phase. Our team will create a virtual replica of the design that you can experience in 3D.

You can tour the proposed building with the freedom to experience what the building will look like before the first brick has been laid. This way, you can easily see any issues and rapidly implement design changes without incurring additional expenses midway through construction.

Plan Your Budget for Contingencies

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst – this maxim best expresses your budgeting responsibilities for a commercial construction project. Delays can happen due to a wide array of unforeseeable developments.

Unfortunately, any delay during construction will cost your business money. Even with the best plans and timelines, always keep some resources stashed away to handle any setbacks during your construction phase.

Work with a Dependable and Experienced Team for Your Retail Design and Construction Needs

Corporeal Visions, Inc. is a highly respected name in retail design and construction services throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and surrounding states. We have the experience and dedication to handle any retail construction project, whether you are looking to construct a new space from the ground up or remodel and repair a single store or multiple locations.

Contact us for the highest quality retail design and build experience today. Our retail construction specialists are ready to offer you great service and will address all your questions and concerns. Call us at (703) 909-4139 or reach out online to book a consultation.

If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready to begin the process, we can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today via phone or online.

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